Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in West Bank protests

first_imgSource: WikimediaISRAELI SECURITY FORCES shot dead a Palestinian man and wounded 150 other people Thursday night during a massive protest in the West Bank against Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, Palestinian officials said.Palestinian security and medical officials named the man as Mohammed Al-Aaraj, 25, and said he was among at least 10,000 people clashing with soldiers and border police in Qalandiya, between Jerusalem and Ramallah.They said that at least 150 people were injured by live fire in the protest, and five were in critical condition.Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas appealed for blood donors.The army told AFP that live fire was used in a confrontation with thousands of rioters after some threw rocks, firecrackers and petrol bombs at soldiers and border police.After several hours of conflict, an army spokeswoman said early Friday that the fighting had eased off. An injured Palestinian protester is moved to the emergency room at the Ramallah Hospital, in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Source: Nasser NasserThe confrontation, and several smaller skirmishes throughout Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem, came on Laylat al-Qadr, or Night of Destiny, when Muslims pray through the night as the holy month of Ramadan nears its end.Earlier, police had said that due to fears of violent protest over the deadly Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip, they would bar men under the age of 50 from Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al Aqsa mosque for what are usually packed prayers on the last Friday of Ramadan.Large numbers of police deployed throughout the city on Thursday night and the police said in a statement that two officers were injured by stone throwers in the vicinity of the mosque.Police said that 20 protesters were arrested in various violent disturbances in Palestinian areas of the city.Israeli public radio said Palestinians and troops also clashed around the West Bank cities of Nablus, Hebron Bethlehem and Tulkarem Israeli soldiers shoot tear gas towards Palestinian protesters against the Israeli military action in Gaza, during a demonstration at Hawara checkpoint near the West Bank city of Nablus Source: AP/Press Association ImagesPeaceMeanwhile, signs of renewed efforts for a Gaza ceasefire were evident as the death toll continued to climb after Israel shelled a UN shelter killing 15 Palestinians.Israel’s secretive security cabinet was expected to meet later in the day to discuss truce proposals passed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier in the week, Israeli media said.Those reports came after an Israeli shell slammed into a UN facility sheltering displaced Gazans on Thursday, prompting UN chief Ban Ki-Moon to say he was “appalled” at the incident which “underscores the imperative for the killing to stop — and to stop now”.© – AFP 2014Read: Israeli shell hits UN school in Gaza killing 15 people, including UN stafflast_img read more

Yahoo expected to layoff 2500 staff

first_imgA rumor is making the rounds that managers at Yahoo! have been told to start deciding which staff need to go. The reason? Yahoo!’s upper management is set to cut 20% of its staff, or around 2,500 people.Although not official yet, TechCrunch has been told this is happening from two independent sources. Yahoo! has used the common response of not commenting on rumor or speculation. If it’s going to happen it won’t be long before former Yahoo! staff start talking about it, though.AdChoices广告The rumor comes a few days after Google decided to give all its staff a 10% pay raise and $1,000 to spend over the holidays. Clearly they have been doing a lot better than Yahoo! for quite a while now.We really hope this rumor isn’t true for the sake of the staff who will lose their jobs. But at the same time there’s a lot of talented people at the company who should have no problem finding alternative positions.Read more at TechCrunchlast_img read more

Game on the iPad with an NES Controller and RoboTouch

first_img[via UberGizmo] RoboTouch isn’t so much a commercial product as it is a pet project of some folks at ProtoDojo who were looking for a way to combine their favorite console controller (the NES controller,) with their favorite touch-screen gaming platform (the iPad.) The gadget is actually a series of small robot arms that accept controls from an Arduino board that the NES controller is plugged into. Press the A or B buttons and different arms tap different parts of the screen. Use the directional pad and different arms on the other side of the iPad tap the screen there corresponding to your character’s movement controls. The video behind the jump shows one of the inventors using RoboTouch to play a game of Reckless Racing. Admittedly, the arms would have to be repositioned around the screen and re-tested depending on the game you’re playing. If you have a virtual on-screen joystick that requires you move your finger in a circle or requires constant contact to work, it might be tricky to use. Still, RoboTouch isn’t the kind of project you should expect to see on store shelves anytime soon: but if you love how-to projects and would get a thrill out of playing iPad games with an NES controller, this is the project for you. last_img read more

MacBook Pro 2011 owners experiencing hard freeze problem

first_imgIf you’re the owner of a new 15-or 17-inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt, you may be undergoing a serious problem that many other customers are also dealing with. Owners of 2011 MacBook Pros have reported on the Apple Discussion board, as well as on the MacRumors forum, that the new machines are freezing up entirely when under an extensive load.Just one of the Support threads is already 47 pages long and counting. Posters are saying the problem is the notebooks will freeze even as sound continues to play. The cursor will also still be movable, but the computer is completely unresponsive. Apparently, there’s only one way to solve the problem: a hard reboot.AdChoices广告In one thread, the first post says the MacBook Pros are overheating, with fans revving up suddenly, and then the owner not being able to do anything besides move the cursor. The author of the post said he wasn’t doing anything unusual, but had seven apps open and was in the middle of an auto-backup to Time Machine. Other posts say they were using CPU-intensive programs like iMovie when their system crashed.As a MacBook owner myself, the complaint that Apple notebooks run hot and can be noise is nothing new, but the problem of the notebooks crashing is something new.The problem was so persistent that one customer wrote in the Apple discussion board that he was able to reproduce it on every MacBook Pro at his local Apple Store. Another user said he reproduced the problem on three different machines. This MBP-Freeze Wiki runs through the steps you can take to re-create the crash to see if your MacBook has the issue. Though if it does, you’ve probably already noticed it by now.According to some posts on the support forum, Apple is telling people who are experiencing the “hard freeze” that their system is faulty and they need a replacement. But, if the problem is the product itself, a replacement isn’t going to to solve it, and some customers are still dealing with the problems even after receiving replacements.These problems may have MacBook Pro owners question buying the $2,000 computer in the first place. Do you own a 2011 MacBook Pro, and if so, have you run into this problem yet? Let us know what happened in the comments below.Read more at Apple Discussions and MacRumors.last_img read more

Coming Soon GlassesFree 3D TVs in Airplanes

first_imgPerhaps one day watching movies on an airline won’t be a completely disappointing experience. A company called MasterImage 3D is leading the charge to bring 3D displays to airlines around the world.MasterImage also wants glasses-free 3D technology to come to in-car entertainment systems. In other words, it will become a ubiquitous medium for when you don’t really want to watch TV but have nothing better to do because you’re stuck in a vehicle of some sort.“We weren’t looking at (airlines and car makers) initially. We were focusing on smartphones and tablets, but there turned out to be strong interest,” said company VP Roy Taylor.Via Hollywood Reporterlast_img read more

Create the next Nokia Tune and win 10000

first_imgEven if you’ve never owned a Nokia cell phone, the traditional Nokia ringtone is engrained in your memory. When we hear it today, we’re often transported back to the mid-‘90s during a time when we were watching Forrest Gump and Jurassic Park and listening to alternative music. The Nokia ringtone — known as the Nokia Tune — was heard everywhere after it was released in 1994.According to Nokia, the ringtone is estimated to be heard over one billion times a day. The 17-year-old Nokia Tune has had a few iterations over the years, but it’s once again time for an update, and this time around, the company is launching a contest to create the next Nokia Tune-inspired ringtone. The winner of the contest will walk away with $10,000, while five runner-ups will win $1,000 and have their ringtone available for download in the Ovi Store. Nokia says the tune should be “fresh, expressive, original, creative yet distinctively a Nokia Tune.”The contest opened yesterday, September 5, and ends October 5. Nokia lists a Nokia Tune Remix Kit which includes reference files of all the past versions of the Nokia Tune. The company doesn’t just want you to download the tunes and remix them (although you can do that if you want); instead, it’s encouraging entrants to use “boy choirs, ukuleles, trash cans” and so on. Basically they want an interesting and unique sound for the updated Nokia Tune… though we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the jingle won’t be too crazy.The winning ringtone will be featured as a free download in the Ovi Store and will be included in over 100 million Nokia devices. You can go to Nokia’s site and listen to the entries so far. Some of them are pretty awesome, while some of them are the types that when scrolling through the list of ringtones offered on your new phone, you listen to it for about two seconds before skipping to the next.Please let us know if you create a Nokia Tune and enter the contest. Good luck to all of those who submit your work. There’s less than a month left to create and submit, so get moving!Nokia, via Engadgetlast_img read more

Google applies for Project Glass projector patent

first_imgFor the longest time, a staple in designs for wearable computing concepts has been the use of a projector for input. Maybe you want to show what you are seeing to someone else, or maybe you need a larger canvas to interact with. Whatever the reason, there’s been a desire to stick a projector somewhere on your body for interaction. Google’s latest patent application continues this thought with what looks like projector integration into their Project Glass wearable tech.While the current iteration of Project Glass includes a single lens with all the computer bits on one side of your head, Google has applied for several patents in the past that show off a model that more closely resembles a full set of glasses. With that design comes a whole second half of the frame that could be filled with technology and purpose. Currently, you interact with Project Glass through a combination of voice, head gestures, and the touchpad on the side of the headset. Each has their own distinct purpose, but the limits of these interaction methods become clear when you have to make a single selection out of multiple options. For example, it wouldn’t be easy to dial a phone number with these input methods. For this, Google seems to be headed to the projector for answers.As pico projectors slim down and higher quality cameras become available in a wearable format, the idea that you could use a projector to interact with a wearable computer comes closer to reality. If you have a projector that is bright enough to place a dialer or a menu in the palm of your hand or on the wall in front of you, and a camera that is accurate enough to detect your selections as you reach out, the concept becomes clear. This way, you could simply look down at your hand and type in whatever you’d like, or stare down at a desk as a full-sized keyboard appears in front of you for typing. All the while, the hardworking parts of the computer rest on either side of your head.As this is just a patent application, there’s no real concept for how this would actually work. Microsoft has the closest thing to something like this patent with their Omnitouch demonstration, pictured above, but that technology is far from being wearable just yet. The speculation is a lot of fun, but there are plenty of obstacles first. Pico projectors would have to run cool enough to be on for any length of time while strapped to your head, and the camera would need to be able to accurately detect your hand in a 3D space. While all of this is going on, the headset would need to be just as light as the current Project Glass headsets. This could be an interesting insight into the next generation of wearable tech from Google, but for now it’s just a fun pipe dream.via Engadgetlast_img read more

Epic was developing a Gears of War RTS for Kinect

first_imgRegardless of whether you are playing a first or third-person shooter on your games console, motion controls are not the best fit. You want a physical controller in your hands and to be sitting down focused on the screen. But if like Microsoft you have a very popular franchise like Gears of War and a motion controller to sell, you’re going to want to tie the two together somehow.It seems that’s exactly what Microsoft tried to do, and Epic Games set about creating a Gears of War title specifically for the Kinect controller. It was called Gears of War: Tactics, and it took the form of a top-down real-time strategy (RTS) game.You may notice I said that in the past tense. That’s because the game is never set to appear as far as we know. With the Xbox 720 expected to arrive this year Epic has moved on and will be focusing on potentially a launch game for the console alongside perfecting Unreal Engine 4.What has appeared though, is a bunch of screenshots from GoW: Tactics taken from a video of the game in an Alpha state, which accounts for the poor quality of the visuals.As you only have access to motion controls, the gameplay focuses on drawing paths for your party to follow and issuing commands either using the on-screen interface or through gestures. You can control up to 4 characters and issue commands either to individuals or the group.There’s clearly a reason why this game never appeared. I’m guessing its down to the quality of the experience. Combining an RTS with pure motion control is going to limit the gameplay you can achieve without implementing a number of difficult-to-navigate on-screen menus. Epic must have discovered that, and Microsoft must have agreed to bin the idea.last_img read more

Man caught smuggling over 10 of an entire species

first_imgA day after a wildlife trade conference in Bangkok, Thailand, authorities caught a man attempting to smuggle a bag full of tortoises shipped from Madagascar. Aside from that being pretty terrible to begin with, it turns out that among the stock of tortoises were 54 ploughshare tortoises, which may not seem like a lot considering their small size. However, it is estimated that the worldwide population of ploughshare tortoises is only around 400, meaning that the man was attempting to smuggle over 10% of the entire species through an airport in a suitcase.The bag full of tortoises was found to be registered to a 25-year-old woman that flew from Madagascar to Bangkok, so the man had at least one accomplice. Perhaps as alarming as smuggling one-tenth of a species, the man arrested in the attempt was able to access the baggage claim without having been a passenger on a flight. This means either airport security was unnervingly lax, or the smuggler had help getting to the baggage claim.Along with the 54 ploughshare tortoises, 21 radiated tortoises were found. Both tortoises are listed as critically endangered.Traffic speculates that the tortoises were likely intended to be sold off as exotic pets, so if there’s a bright side here (other than the smuggler getting caught), it’s that the low worldwide population might not have been in too much danger, as the tortoises would’ve hopefully been cared for as pets. It’s also been noted that in just the past three years alone, Thai authorities have found over 4,300 tortoises and freshwater turtles attempting to be smuggled through the airport alone. Though it is thought that they’re likely intended as pets, keeping a member of a critically endangered species inside a tank by itself isn’t exactly the proper way to preserve that species.last_img read more

Adding Scimitar winglets to commercial aircraft saves millions in fuel costs

first_imgThe aviation industry accounts for a large chunk of the carbon entering our atmosphere every year, while at the same time airlines are dealing with ever higher fuel prices. So anything that can be done to cut fuel consumption for commercial aircraft results in a double saving.Figuring out how to make such savings is difficult, though. Current aircraft and engine designs are improving every year, but at a very slow rate. However, United Airlines is about to save hundreds of millions of dollars simply by modifying the wings on its aircraft.Boeing and United Airlines did a deal back in January to add Split Scimitar winglets to the end of all its 737-800 aircraft. By doing this, the lift induced drag created at the end of a typical flat wing is cut significantly, which in turn leads to a fuel saving of roughly 2 percent.2 percent may not seem like a lot, but when scaled up to an entire fleet of aircraft over their many years in service it soon adds up. United Airlines claims that when winglets have been added to all of its aircraft (737, 757, and 767 models), the fuel savings made will amount to a not insignificant $200 million every year.Unlike rolling out a brand new aircraft design, which as in the case of the 787 Dreamliner, can result in expensive faults being discovered, modifying existing designs for a one-time cost is much cheaper and safer to carry out. Hopefully Boeing can come up with a few more design tweaks like this and get more airlines to commit to using them. Adoption should happen by default due to fierce competition across the industry. If one airline is saving millions of dollars the others will be forced to do the same.last_img read more

Interview Android themer Dave Kover on making your phone personal

first_imgThe open nature of the Android platform has always had the benefit that enabled a deeper level of customization on behalf of the user as long as they possessed the know-how. Over time, that customization has grown significantly deeper and easier to implement. As a result, there are several people in the Android ecosystem who have made it their full-time job to offer themes for users to take advantage of. I sat down recently with Dave Kover to talk a bit about this process and how it has evolved over the years.The KovDev themes are custom icon replacements for over 1,200 icons for apps in the Google Play Store. This means that he has completely redesigned app icons to match a specific theme. These icon replacements allow the user to create a dedicated theme for all or most of the icons in their app drawer, ultimately creating a more personalized experience for those interested in deep customization on their phones or tablets.These icons work with custom launcher apps such as Action Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and ADW Launcher to name a few. If you’re already using one of these, you can just grab the icon theme from the Play Store and update the look of the apps on your screen to match your personal theme.So how does something like this happen? Kover explained that he dabbled in web design when he was younger, and when he first started using Android he decided to reach out to some of the groups already trying to create themes to see if he could help. This was back when the OG Droid was released on Verizon Wireless, when most of the themes available would just change the color of the menus and things of a similar nature. Kover worked with these teams until he found his own niche, and is now working on his themed icons full-time.Kover started out by theming the icons that mattered to him the most. If it was on his phone, he wanted to have control over how it looked. This quickly grew as he worked with other themers and began to take requests from users. Now, Kover currently supports over 1,200 and receives requests for new apps daily. He sorts them by the most requested and adds those to the list first, using a design process that allows him to add the icon to all five of his themes as he works. If an app gets released that is immediately and explosively popular, like the new Yahoo weather app or Dots for Android, that app gets shot to the top of the list and made a priority.At first, this may seem like something most companies would be opposed to. Kover is essentially re-writing their branding to serve his own purposes. Furthermore, he’s profiting from it. He assured me that the opposite was true, in fact several companies have reached out to him and requested that he support their apps. By being one of the themed apps, users are more likely to keep that app on their homescreen and are likely to use the app more frequently due to its position on the phone. Android theme users also enjoy sharing screenshots of their assembled homepage creations, which in turn leads to organic app discovery when other users ask about the apps in the screenshot. It’s a small but consistently growing niche of users, so it’s a good thing overall for smaller app shops to take advantage of.Moving forward, Kover explained that he’s likely to integrate some basic education into his work to help new users better understand how to apply his themes. The theme process has grown significantly simpler over time, so far that many adjustments like icon themes don’t require root access anymore. As a result, the userbase as a whole has grown less technical, which means a lot of time needs to be spent supporting those users. A quick tutorial with a FAQ and links to popular forums for themers would be a great resource for users of any skill level, and that’s the direction Kover is heading with his work.last_img read more

TDK develops touchscreen film thats only 15 microns thick

first_imgIn the world of mobile devices, how thick your device is continues to be a focus, especially when it comes to marketing. If a mobile phone or tablet can be made thinner, manufacturers will strive to achieve it. But making these already millimeter-thin devices even thinner requires breakthroughs in individual component thickness. And TDK looks to have just achieved that with a new touchscreen film.The transparent conductive films used in tablets and smartphones today are typically 125 microns thick, with some units managing to ship with 50 micron films. That’s not very thick at all, but it all adds up. TDK has been hard at work improving its film manufacturing process and has managed to produce a new conductive film that’s just 15 microns thick–that’s 70 percent thinner than the thinnest film on the market today.You won’t be seeing the 15 micron film in any devices for a while as TDK won’t be shipping it until sometime in 2015. However, it’s difficult for other manufacturers to match that thinness without they come up with a solution to the main problem limiting these films getting thinner. That problem being heat.The thinner the film is, the more susceptible it is to being deformed by the heat that is present during the manufacturing process. TDK has found a solution to the deformation, which came from their experience working with magnetic tape for three decades. Apparently the key is in the mix of base materials combined with the conditions during manufacturing.I expect we’ll first see the new film used in products like the iPhone, iPad, Nexus, and Galaxy ranges of smartphones and tablets come 2015. After that, we’ll probably see the entire industry move to thinner films in a bid to keep up with the competition.last_img read more

There are 167 garda stations with no access to the Pulse system

first_img Short URL THERE ARE 167 garda stations across the country that have no access to the Pulse computer network.In response to a parliamentary question from Sinn Féin’s Jonathan O’Brien, Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald said these stations are “not connected to the garda network”.“However, members in non-networked locations can contact the Garda Information Services Centre to provide relevant details to trained civilian call-takers who enter the details on the Pulse system,” she said.Earlier this month, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Garda Inspectorate, Mark Toland expressed concern to the Oireachtas Justice Committee that some stations have no system to record crimes.He said this made it “impossible” to audit the number of crimes.Fitzgerald, in her response to O’Brien, said the force’s recently launched Modernisation and Renewal Programme was intended to “professionalise, modernise and renew” An Garda Síochána.“As part of the programme, the matter of enhancing rural access to the garda network by connecting non-networked sites to the network is being examined,” she said.“This includes plans to introduce mobile technology solutions to enable operational gardaí to access core information systems, including Pulse while on duty and away from garda stations.”Read: Garda Inspectorate says some stations have no system to record crimes>Read: ‘The solidarity was magnificent’: The 1961 revolt that finally gave gardaí a voice> Image: Laura Hutton/ Oct 29th 2016, 1:33 PM There are 167 garda stations with no access to the Pulse system The Tánaiste said the force’s new modernisation and renewal programme includes the enhancement of rural access to the network. By Michelle Hennessy 21 Comments Image: Laura Hutton/ Share20 Tweet Email2 12,947 Views Saturday 29 Oct 2016, 1:33 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Smaller deposits and helptobuy scheme wont overegg property market Governor

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 11,276 Views Thursday 24 Nov 2016, 6:10 AM THE CENTRAL BANK is insisting that changes made to mortgage deposit rules won’t lead to an overheating of the housing market.Although the deposit rules remain broadly unchanged, the deposit requirement for first-time buyers has now been placed at 10% of the value of the property.Previously, it was 10% on the first €220,000 and 20% of the remainder.Speaking to, Central Bank Governor Philip Lane says that the changes are about making a “simpler system” and not about controlling mortgages or house prices.“We’re not trying to make a call about how big a mortgage people should take out. We just think this is by and large the same framework but with simpler instructor,” he explains.We are not trying to target to target any particular level for house prices. As I’ve been saying all afternoon that’s natural in an economy that’s growing. So unemployment is coming down, wages are rising, it’s natural that house prices will move upwards and the whole point of our scheme is really to protect against the downside.Lane adds that the Central Bank believes that house prices are “in the neighbourhood” of where they should be relative to incomes and that there “isn’t currently a risk of overheating”. Source: practice, yesterday’s changes mean that first-time buyers would need a deposit of €40,000 for a €400,000 mortgage.Previously, a property worth €400,000 would have needed a €58,000 deposit.With the government’s recently announced help-to-buy scheme, first-time buyers purchasing a new build are also entitled to a tax rebate of up to €20,000.It means that when both new measures taken together a first-time buyer buying a new build property now needs a €20,000 deposit, or just 5% of the property value.In light of this, Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty TD has called on the government to scrap the help-to-buy scheme because it would now “bring us dangerously close to a return to 100% mortgages”.Doherty says that the Central Bank is taking a long-term view while the government is “plodding along with a short-term and dangerous plan.”But asked about the interaction of the two new measures, Lane says he does not think it will cause a problem.“The help-to-buy system is quite limited, our system is quite limited in a different way so I don’t think taken together they constitute an over-egging.”Finance Minister Michael Noonan was informed of the refinement of the mortgage rules yesterday after the final decision was made by the Central Bank’s commission.That decision was taken after a detailed review of the mortgage rules by the Central Bank. Lane says this 46-page review came too late to inform the minister before the help-to-buy was introduced by government:The budget was a number of weeks ago, this review has been ongoing but has been most intense in the most recent weeks. So, if you like, there was nothing to tell at the time of the budget as that was far in advance of our process.The new revised mortgage rules come into effect from the beginning of next year.Video by Nicky RyanRead: The Central Bank Governor on why deposit limits are ‘not targets but ceilings’ >Read: Rush Credit Union: Report finds 15 cars bought for car draw but can’t find details of the winners > By Rónán Duffy 30 Comments Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire Smaller deposits and help-to-buy scheme won’t ‘over-egg’ property market – Governor The Central Bank says that the market ‘isn’t at risk of overheating’. Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire Share40 Tweet Email Short URL Nov 24th 2016, 6:10 AM last_img read more

14 Australian football fans banned after displaying offensive banner depicting oral sex

first_img Wednesday 22 Feb 2017, 8:03 AM Share29 Tweet Email1 38,176 Views Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Feb 22nd 2017, 8:03 AM The Wanderers took action after reviewing CCTV footage from before and during the 1-0 derby win and identifying fans who took part in concealing, assembling and displaying the banner.“Following a thorough review of the incident on Saturday night we have acted to remove them from our club,” Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas said in a statement. 14 Australian football fans banned after displaying ‘offensive’ banner depicting oral sex There has been outrage in the football community and media over the explicit banner of a man resembling Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold performing oral sex.center_img By AFP 29 Comments WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS have banned 14 supporters for 18 months for displaying a lewd banner during last weekend’s A-League derby with Sydney FC.Wanderers said they would ban the 14 – all from the notorious Red & Black Bloc (RBB) fan group – across all competitions after the banner was hoisted on Saturday.The move comes after Football Federation Australia this week hit the Wanderers with a show-cause notice, calling the banner “offensive to any reasonable member of the public”.The governing body is expected to come down hard on the club, which has already been in trouble over incidents involving flares and other anti-social activities.There has been outrage in the football community and media over the explicit banner of a man resembling Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold performing oral sex. This incident involved key leaders of the RBB who have shown no remorse for their actions of bringing our club and the game of football into disrepute and have continued to flaunt their disdain for the club… on social media.“As a club we have had enough and have put the entire group on notice.“While the vast majority of the RBB are exceptional in their support and actions for this club we must remove all those who see themselves as bigger than the club they support.”The Wanderers said the banned spectators will also have to undergo a social inclusion programme before their suspensions can be lifted.© – AFP 2017‘Hate and fear’ by Trump, Duterte and others is bringing the world back to the 1930s, says Amnesty‘Our rights were breached’: Here’s how Apple will fight the EU’s €13bn Irish tax ruling Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

FactCheck Are there really 8500 social housing units currently being built

first_img Share Tweet Email1 By Dan MacGuill And I…lost my head in trying to point out to him that that wasn’t at all true. (Emphasis added).(Later) Find more FactChecks here FactCheck: Are there really 8,500 social housing units currently being built? Part One of FactCheck’s two-part series on high-profile disputes over social housing, this week. Source: For a full-size version of this chart, click hereSo as you can see, the Tánaiste was mistaken in her claim that “there are 8,500 social housing units being built across the country at the moment”.There are 8,430 at some stage of development, but only 1,829 are actually being built at the moment.It should also be noted that 2,687 of those 8,430 (32%) are at the capital appraisal stage, which means they may or may not even be approved for funding and construction.Barry Cowen was therefore right to say it was untrue that ”there was over 8,500 units presently under construction”.Enda Kenny’s contradictionsBut it’s worth noting that in the Dáil on Tuesday, the Taoiseach made contradictory statements on this issue.At first, Kenny offered a breakdown of the 8,430, accurately listing the number of units for each stage of development, and correctly stating that 1,829 units were currently under construction.However, he later contradicted this by saying “There are 8,430 homes currently under construction”, adding: Source: That means blocks, concrete, block-layers, plasterers, chippies, site works – 8,430.As we’ve shown, this is false. That description only applies to 1,829 of the 8,430 units at some stage of development, some 22%.ConclusionFrances Fitzgerald’s claim was that “There are 8,500 social housing units being built across the country at the moment”.We rate this claim FALSE. As our verdicts guide explains, this means “The claim is inaccurate”.This is the third time we’ve fact-checked a claim by Frances Fitzgerald. She has now received verdicts of TRUE, Half-TRUE and FALSE. You can read her FactCheck file here. 42 Comments Feb 26th 2017, 8:30 PM Frances Fitzgerald: There are 8,500 social housing units being built across the country at the moment.The FactsIn response to our request for evidence, Fianna Fáil cited figures contained in the Department of Housing’s most recent Social Housing Construction Status Report, which was published on Monday.FactCheck did not receive a response from the Department of Justice, or Fine Gael, on behalf of Frances Fitzgerald.This week’s status report stated that, as of 31 December 2016, there were:’s FactCheck is a signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles. You can read it here.For information on how FactCheck works, what the verdicts mean, and how you can take part, check out our Reader’s Guide here. THIS WEEK SAW two high-profile rows between the government and opposition over what’s being done to increase the provision of social housing in Ireland.On Thursday afternoon, Fianna Fáil’s Barry Cowen and Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald clashed in the Dáil over the number of social housing units currently being built.And on Thursday’s Tonight With Vincent Browne, Sinn Féin’s Eoin O’Broin and Junior Minister Damien English accused each other of not telling the truth over the number of new social housing units provided last year.In a two-part series,‘s FactCheck responds to reader requests, and steps in to resolve both disputes and find the truth of the matter.Tonight, we’ll deal with Cowen and Fitzgerald’s row in the Dáil, and on Tuesday, we’ll referee O’Broin and English’s on-air argument.(Send your FactCheck requests to, tweet @TJ_FactCheck, or send us a DM).Claim: 8,500 social housing units are currently under constructionWhat was said:  Source: Oireachtas.ieIn the video below, you can watch excerpts of the exchange in Thursday’s Leaders’ Questions, and a breakdown of the facts, but these are the most relevant statements: Barry Cowen: On Tuesday, for example, the Taoiseach was here and he waxed lyrically about the fact that there was over 8,500 [social housing] units presently under construction. Sunday 26 Feb 2017, 8:30 PM 8,430 social housing units at some stage of development2,687 were at the capital appraisal stage, which means funding has not yet been approved, but the project is being considered1,279 were at the pre-planning stage, which involves a check on whether the design meets guidelines, a value-for-money assessment, and other elements490 were at the pre-tender design stage1,493 were at the tender report/Turnkey approval stage, which involves two final assessments of costs and procurement, before the project is approved for tender to the private sectorConstruction had started on 1,829 units Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Follow TJ_FactCheck on Twitter Short URL 17,936 Views last_img read more

The 5 at 5 Monday

first_img Monday 6 Mar 2017, 4:55 PM By Paul Hosford Image: Shutterstock/Peter Frank – Frenky 6,037 Views Image: Shutterstock/Peter Frank – Frenky Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article EVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know as you head home for the day.1. #GRACE: The HSE says it understands why the mother of a young woman with intellectual disabilities who was the victim of alleged abuse in a foster home did not accept its apology.2. #MCGUINNESS: Former Sinn Féin leader in Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness has been hospitalised in his native Derry according to reports.3. #ADARE: The five-star resort owned by Limerick multi-millionaire JP McManus has announced plans to go on a major recruitment drive.4. #COMMISSIONER: Most people want Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan to resign or step down while the Charleton Tribunal sits.5. #FURIOUS: The FBI director has asked the US Justice Department to publicly refute President Donald Trump’s explosive, unsubstantiated accusation that Barack Obama tapped his phone during last year’s election campaign. The 5 at 5: Monday 5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock… Short URL Mar 6th 2017, 4:55 PM Share Tweet Email No Comments last_img read more

People werent happy that this harpist was bumped off the Late Late

first_img Was really excited to see @LisaCanny perform on #LateLateShow but so glad we got to see Amanda Brunker’s botox instead. What a letdown!— Shmeirdre Shmarey (@Deirdre_Carey) January 14, 2017 68 Comments 85,841 Views People weren’t happy that this harpist was bumped off the Late Late Show last night Oh dear. Source: Máirín McGrath/Twitter Super talented musician @LisaCanny taken off the #LateLateShow to give Amanda Brunker airtime to get botox live?? #alltimelow @_RyanTubridy— Sarah Drew (@sarahdrew89) January 14, 2017 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article People weren’t happy she was bumped, considering the botox segment had gone on uninterrupted Jan 14th 2017, 1:30 PM Because of the nature of the programme we are very late tonight so we’ve had to ask Lisa Canny who was going to perform her harp in celebration of Temple Bar tradfest to come in tonight. She did, she rehearsed, she was ready to go, we ran over time and we apologise to her and her family. Don’t worry, we’ll bring her back as soon as we can.Lisa later posted a video, just to prove she WAS there One of the most talked-about segments was Amanda Brunker, who was given botox injections live on the show.Amanda and Dr Eithne Brenner appeared last on the show, while harpist Lisa Canny was waiting to take to the stage.Unfortunately, due to lack of time, Ryan announced they had run out of time. Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet LAST NIGHT’S LATE Late Show was certainly eventful.center_img By Nicola Byrne Anyone with a dirty mind will appreciate this error in Fine Gael’s election expense report>Foil Arms and Hog’s new sketch nails the frustration of teaching computers to your parents> Source: NewYear-dre Carey/Twitter .@AmandaJBrunker getting botox live on the #latelate— The Late Late Show (@RTELateLateShow) January 14, 2017 Disgraceful move & time management by RTÉ to cut musician @LisaCanny off as she was about to go on. #LateLateShow #latelate— Máirín McGrath (@MawMcGrath) January 14, 2017 Share Tweet Email1 Source: Sarah Drew ©/Twitter Source: The Late Late Show/Twitter Saturday 14 Jan 2017, 1:30 PM But worry not.RTÉ told that it was all down to the nature of live television, but Lisa will be performing next week.A number of items ran over on last night’s Late Late Show, as happens occasionally on live television, and, as a result, it was decided to postpone Lisa Canny’s performance to next week’s programme. We apologise to anyone who was disappointed that the performance was postponed, however, she will be part of next week’s line-up. Here’s she is covering Ed Sheeran’s You Need Me, I Don’t Need You Source: Lisa Canny/YouTubeDailyEdge is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! Short URL Add us: dailyedgelast_img read more

Quiz Can you recognise these past GAA football league winners

first_imgQuiz: Can you recognise these past GAA football league winners? The 2017 competition returns next weekend but do you know these former victors? Bernard Flynn Monday 30 Jan 2017, 5:00 PM You scored out of ! Answer all the questions to see your result! 30,839 Views PA John McEntee Tweet Silver Gold INPHO David Brady Christy Toye Do you know who this attacker from Donegal’s triumphant 2007 team is? INPHO Share your result: Philip Clifford Share Liam Hassett Short URL Podsie O’Mahony INPHO Don Davis Wooden Spoon Brian Stafford Vinny Claffey INPHO Dara Ó Cinnéide INPHO Brian McGuigan Well now. There’s not much we can say about that. Do you even like Gaelic football? Share You scored out of ! Follow us: Enda Muldoon Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share your result: Stephen O’Neill Tommy Dowd Jan 30th 2017, 5:00 PM Which member of Meath’s triumphant 1994 team is pictured here? Michael Hegarty A champion with Dublin in 1993 here, can you name him? Colm Quinn The questions just didn’t suit you this time. INPHO The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Finally who is this winner with Derry from the 2000 final? INPHO Share your result: Brian Dooher INPHO Share275 Tweet Email James Nallen Brendan Devenney Denis O’Dwyer INPHO Darragh Ó Sé Name this Offaly player who experienced league glory in 1998? Let’s test your football league knowledge Source: INPHOAND IT’S BACK.The GAA season kicks into gear next weekend with the start of the 2017 edition of the Allianz Football League.Dublin are chasing five-in-a-row but there was a time when other counties got their hands on the league trophy.Let’s see how many of these past champions you can identify…*************** Paul McGrane Ciaran McManus INPHO Paddy Bradley Sean Marty Lockhart 18 Comments Share your result: Enda McGinley Share This man captained Cork to win the title in 1999. Who is he? Darran O’Sullivan scored one of the finest goals you’re ever likely to see yesterdayDublin, Clare and Derry senior stars amongst winners at the AIB GAA club provincial awards Anthony Tohill Top of the pile, you really were paying attention. You scored out of ! Share By Fintan O’Toole PA Jack Sheedy Who is this league winner with Mayo from 2001? Tweet PA Any idea who this victorious forward from 2003 with Tyrone is? Mick Deegan Ronan Clarke Paul Bealin Bronze Steven McDonnell Noel Connelly Trevor Mortimer Tweet Joe Kavanagh You scored out of ! Paul Curran Not too bad at all. If you’d paid a little more attention you could have won the gold. Who is this Armagh forward from their victorious 2005 team? PA Tweet Colm McFadden Trevor Giles Can you figure out who this member of Kerry’s successful 1997 team is? Roy Malonelast_img read more

One person turned away at Dublin Airport since Trumps travel ban

first_img Monday 30 Jan 2017, 6:47 PM One person turned away at Dublin Airport since Trump’s travel ban Enda Kenny has called for a review of the preclearance policy. Enda Kenny says he has asked for a review of Ireland’s pre-clearance at airports— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) January 30, 2017 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Laura Hutton 29,576 Views Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter center_img Updated: 19.45ENDA KENNY HAS said that the US preclearance policy at Dublin and Shannon airports will be reviewed as it emerged one person was turned away at Dublin Airport since Trump’s immigration ban.The Department of Transport confirmed to RTÉ that one person had been affected by the executive order but they did not say what country the traveller came from.At a press conference with Theresa May after the pair met today at Government Buildings, Kenny said he did not agree with Trump’s executive order.He said: “I have asked for a complete review of pre-clearance facilities here in Ireland, in respect of the three departments dealing with this, so that we can be absolutely clear of the importance of this.“It is important to understand that pre-clearance has been important here in Ireland in terms of convenience, over 1.2 million people, and in terms of efficiency and economics.”Pre-clearance duties are carried out by US officials under an international agreement between Ireland and the United States.Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone said that the legality of applying the new US travel ban in Irish airports needs to be urgently questioned. Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, the American-born TD said that for people who voted against Trump, his latest move meant that their “worst fears have been realised”.Richard Bruton, speaking later to RTÉ, said that Trump’s actions were “alarming”, and that all of the issues would be discussed at cabinet tomorrow.Shortly after British prime minister Theresa May held talks with Trump at the White House on Friday, the new president signed an executive order to suspend refugee arrivals and impose tough new controls on travellers from seven Muslim countries.Zappone said that the question of Irish authorities adhering to this ban and apply it to travellers attempting to travel from Irish soil was of primary importance.“I’m calling into question whether the Irish government is required to implement policies of discrimination,” she said.Read: Here’s what Irish parties think about Enda Kenny visiting Donald Trump in the White House > Jan 30th 2017, 6:47 PM Share129 Tweet Email1 Image: Laura Hutton By Garreth MacNamee 93 Comments last_img read more